Marketing Options

Michell Wool provides the widest range of marketing options for growers when selling your clip enabling you to maximise your return.

As a processor and trader Michell can offer a unique range of marketing options including Direct to Mill, Auction, Wooltrade, AuctionPlus, WoolQ, Forward Contracts and Private Treaty.

All selling options exist with Michell.


Offer your wool for sale through the Melbourne auction centre in our catalogue.

To sell at auction with Michell, wool deliveries are accepted by our network of warehouses in South Australia; Victoria; New South Wales.


Utilise the Direct to Mill and Direct to Exporter options for prompt payment and reduced costs.

Unique options such as Direct to Mill for cardings and Direct to Exporter for fleece lines give growers the opportunity to accept a market competitive price offer and prompt payment. In addition, growers retain the option to sell all or part of the clip through the auction system.


Deliver your wool and butts of wool to one of our regional wool depots.

Deal directly with the local representative, saving costs and maximising prices. Wool can be processed at the depot with prompt payment.


Offer your wool on Wooltrade.

Wooltrade is an electronic offer board where lots are listed with a reserve price 24/7. The process for offering wool on the Wooltrade platform is seamless through the Michell systems and can be moved between physical and electronic markets with a flick of the switch. Wool auctions are fast and simple to use. Once your wool is in-store and tested, you set a start and reserve price and your broker lists your wool. Sales run every week and are open to all growers.

AuctionsPlus Wool auction

AuctionsPlus Wool is an online auction platform available for the wool industry.

Once your wool is in-store and tested, brokers and growers set a start and reserve price and wool can be digitally catalogued for next sale. Sales run every week and are open to all growers.


Offer your wool through WoolQ™ electronic auction.

The AWI-Wool Exchange Portal WoolQ™ is a secure online platform where woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers can access digital tools to support all stages of the wool-growing and selling cycle.

Risk Management

There are a number of hedging tools available to offset the price risk before wool becomes available for sale.

Michell offer forward contracts up to 12 months in advance, locking in the market price against a Micron Price Guide (MPG) indicator. The risk management contracts include Guaranteed Minimum Price, Physical Forwards and Cash Forwards.

Private Treaty

Wool priced on farm – no clip too small.

Deal directly with the Michell and receive firm price on farm from one of our Wool Marketing specialists. Wool is then processed at the depot with prompt payment.