Caring for the environment: Sustainability really is good for business

At Michell Wool, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices that contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which we work.

Scouring and carbonising wool at Michell requires 36,000 litres of water per tonne of clean wool. While this is in-line with world’s best practice, we believe in the responsible use of our planet’s finite resources and the need for security of supply. As such, our dedicated commitment to reducing the amount of water we use in this process has seen a reduction of 50,000 litres per tonne in the last decade.

This has been achieved with innovative forward thinking, technical advancements and engaging with state and local government stakeholders to deliver an effective and environmentally sustainable solution.

A joint venture project with the State Government water supply department SA Water in collaboration with the City of Salisbury facilitated the harnessing of significant stormwater runoff, diverting it through a series of containment dams and naturally filtering the water in the process. Once cleaned, the water is pumped into the aquifers, not only replacing, but exceeding, the water Michell pumps out to service processing requirements.

We have also invested millions of dollars in upgrading wool grease extraction and contaminant separation equipment, to ensure our wastewater contains minimal suspended solids, and all organic waste is converted on site to a commercial grade compost.

These innovations have also been replicated at our factory in China as part of the company’s commitment to sustainable processing.

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