Machine Washable: Durable. Advanced. Odourless.   Processed to IWTO Standards. OKEO-TEX Standard 100

As one of Australia’s leading machine washable wool suppliers, Michell continues to remain at the forefront of recent technological advances. As modern households have sought alternatives to the expense and environmental damage associated with dry cleaning, we have responded by supplying machine-washable ‘Superwash’ wool – a non-shrink wool fibre that can be used to manufacture products that are machine washable and can be tumble-dried.

Since 1997, we have been producing supreme Superwash wool out of our company-owned, 4-million-kilogram Superwash plant that utilises KROY ‘Deep Immersion’ technology – globally recognised as the best method for producing machine-washable wool fibre.

The resulting fibre boasts increased longevity and durability over synthetic materials, ensuring it maintains its shape, integrity, breathability and unique softness.

Extensive testing systems also ensure the fibre is evenly treated, and the machine-washable wool product will perform to expectation across a range of applications, including clothing, bedding and industrial manufacturing.

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