Carbonised Wool: Superior fibre strength. Cleanest carbonised wool available. Bespoke blends.

With a 150 years’ experience, Michell sets the global standard in carbonised wool. Our advanced carbonising plants in Australia and China enable us to carbonise the finest merino wool, or the coarsest crossbred wool, with un-rivalled reputation for cleanliness, strength and consistency.

Supplied to a range of international markets, our carbonised wool benefits from specialised processing technology, an experienced production team and a depth of wool selection knowledge that surpasses the competition. Our highly trained wool buyers have access to extensive sourcing networks, meaning we can readily attain the best available wool, ensuring outstanding levels of quality, consistency and fibre strength.

Internationally, our carbonised wool is used to make weaving yarn, knitting yarn, felt and bedding products – such as pillows, futons and comforters.

We take great pride in our levels of service and flexibility, offering bespoke blends of carbonised wool developed to meet individual requirements (16 micron to 32 micron).

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